Isolation Project


This is a personal project that I did while in quarantine from March 20 to May 26, 2020. The 67 conceptual still lifes evoke a sense of isolation, need for affection, solidarity, resilience,fatigue, positivity, gratefulness, balance, reflection and a sense of responsibility. The images were created with an iPhone, natural light and objects found at home.

The full series is on instagram @carrievanhise

Featured on @covidartmuseum

DAY 67: Stay safe.

DAY 13: Self-isolation. #stayhome

DAY 55: Uphill battle. #wecandothis

DAY 53: Fatigue. #mood

DAY 59: Finding Balance.

DAY 28: We’re in this together. #solidarity

DAY 43: The lighthouse. #hope

DAY 18: Trying to hold it together. #staystrong

DAY 37: Half full. #staypositive

DAY 40: Time to take care of one another.

DAY 48: Reach out. #strongertogether

DAY 45: Bonding. #family

DAY 11: Grateful for things like group hugs.

DAY 33: The giving tree. #bekind

DAY 66: Ready to move on.

The set. #athome

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